The Artist

Artist’s Statement

Why do I paint?  Because it’s satisfying, exciting, challenging, rewarding. Satisfying to turn a blank, two-dimensional surface into dynamic, energetic art. Exciting to record images as they emerge with lush colors. Challenging to relate images to each other. Rewarding to activate and involve viewers’ imaginations when they look at the work.

What and how do I paint?  I often paint series from the natural world. These are simplified to capture and express a subject’s vitality. Multiple layers of paint are added and subtracted with various tools to communicate energy and depth. Triptychs often unfold to demonstrate stages, rhythms and connections much like the seasonal changes of a landscape.

What and who has influenced my work?  My background as a Mental Health Therapist has impacted my work. It partly explains my desire to express impressions in paint and use harmonious colors that uplift and energize. Paul Cezanne, Georges Braque, David Park and Abstract Impressionists, especially Willem de Kooning have influenced my work.


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